Lanscape Designer

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Consult a horticulture professional to help you develop or rearrange your land/yard or to accompany you during the landscaping process.


We can help develop your land, common areas, facades, rest and circulation areas to create a professional welcoming that will match your image.


We provide 3D photo montages of special development projects in parks, municipal land and urban revegetation.

My Services


This service includes the analysis and taking of surveys of your land combined with your tastes and requirements, a visual presentation in a 3D photomontage. We provide the design of a plan and, if required, an estimate. We also provide the drafting of a complete guide on recommended plants and their maintenance.


On site, you will have access to the services of a professional horticulturalist for any questions relating to plant disease, insect challenges or regarding maintenance of your lawn, trees, vegetable garden or any other horticultural issue.


For the realization of your project, I offer you the planning, the purchase of plants and the required materials. I also provide project coordination and my active participation in your landscaping work.

Project Management

I manage the various stakeholders involved and the production process of your project.


I assess free of charge the costs related to your project, I evaluate the time and labour requirements and I help you distribute the project production over the short, medium or long term.

Disaster management

I can manage the reconstruction process of your land if it requires repairs or a complete redevelopment following a disaster or an accident.

My radius of action

Covered Territory

In order to better serve my customers, I restrict my services to a limited radius of action covering Montreal, Laval, the North Shore, the Lower Laurentians and Lanaudière. However, for special or long-term projects, contact me and let me know the outline of your project.

Why choose me

As a graduate in horticulture, my professional expertise will help you make your dream project a reality. Co-creation is at the heart of my priorities, ensuring you a complete and lasting collaboration. I will help you choose the best products according to your needs and guide you through all the production and maintenance stages. I also favour organic and sustainable methods for a greener environment.

"Thank you for all your excellent advice and your professionalism. We are so happy with the result! "

Marie-Pascale Nadeau

"Isabelle helped me choose my plants according to the conditions of my land and to arrange my entire facade. She also helped me with the planting, in addition to providing me with tips and tricks."

Julie Boisvert