A range of professional services to accommodate the most demanding projects

Choosing the services of a landscape designer is not as easy as you might think. The services offered must be able to handle projects of all types and sizes.
Here is the list of services I offer:

Landscape Design

This service includes the analysis and taking of surveys of your land combined with your tastes and requirements, a visual presentation in a 3D photomontage. We provide the design of a plan and, if required, an estimate. We also provide the drafting of a complete guide on recommended plants and their maintenance.

I offer you innovative project ideas in line with the latest trends, as well as expert advice related to your outdoor plants. You will therefore enjoy a unique design that will meet your needs while ensuring uncompromising quality.

Horticultural consulting

On site, you will have access to the services of a professional horticulturalist for any questions relating to plant disease, insect challenges or regarding maintenance of your lawn, trees, vegetable garden or any other horticultural issue

I can also help you identify plants, teach you how to maintain or prune them and coach you on ways to protect them during the winter. I can also help you analyze the yield of your vegetable garden and find optimal solutions to obtain better harvests.

Support during the whole process

For the realization of your project, I offer you the planning, the purchase of plants and the required materials. I also provide project coordination and my active participation in your landscaping work.

Depending on your schedule, the size of your project and your degree of ease with exterior work, I will coach you for each stage of the project and teach you how to carry them out and preserve your landscaping over several years. You will benefit from professional advice as well as greater accessibility to the realization of your project.

Project Management

I manage the various stakeholders involved and the production process of your project.

In addition to coordinating your project’s progress, I will meet each contractor in pre-production. I will make sure your budget is respected. I will ensure quality control. I will keep you informed regularly of the progress of each stage. I will ensure execution efficiency and will proactively and realistically manage the unforeseen.


I assess free of charge the costs related to your project, I evaluate the time and labour requirements and help you distribute the project production over the short, medium or long term.

Tell me about your project and your needs. My role is to make sure I fully understand your vision and come up with innovative ideas. My goal is to help you create a project that respects your ideas and your budget.

Disaster management

I can manage the reconstruction process of your land if it requires repairs or a complete redevelopment following a disaster or an accident.

Do not worry, I will take care of the work and the refurbishment of your land.


« Thank you for all your excellent advice and your professionalism. We are so happy with the result! »

Marie-Pascale Nadeau

« Isabelle helped me choose my plants according to the conditions of my land and to arrange my entire facade. She also helped me with the planting, in addition to providing me with tips and tricks. »

Julie Boisvert